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High-quality travel items are good for more than just looks.

Sure you can buy cheap luggage and headphones at Wal-Mart, but do you really want that? Buying cheap alternatives to items you will be using over and over again will just cost you more in the long run. These cheap travel items will end up breaking and it might just be when you need them most! It’s the worst feeling realizing that your luggage broke right before needing to head to the airport, or having your headphones fail when there is a crying baby right behind you on your flight.

Investing in high-quality travel items often prevents things like this from happening, and they are a one-time investment that will last for years to come!

Investing in high-quality travel items might seem daunting especially if you don’t travel that often. It’s much easier to buy a simple luggage for your yearly vacation, but think about it, is that really the only trip you will be taking in your life? Don’t you long to travel more and see the world? I know I do! Collecting high-quality travel items will have you ready for any trip! Instead of struggling to get some travel items together for that surprise anniversary trip to Hawaii; you will be ready. You will have dependable travel items to make your flight and trip as smooth as possible.

Collecting high-quality travel items has been a game changer for me. I used to bring whatever I could find along on trips and something would always go wrong. I’ve had bags rip, zippers break, locks get stuck, and general items, like a blow dryer, fail on me.

When I started traveling long-term in July I decided to invest a little more in high-quality travel items. Instead of getting a cheap carry-on I invested a little more on a well-rated, high-quality backpack that would last me a long time. After 6 months of non-stop travel my Osprey bag is still like new.

Another thing I got was a high-quality leather tote bag from Gigi New York (that I can no longer link to)  to carry my laptop and other electronics in. Again, still like new and it has been through A LOT! Any other tote bag would have been completely destroyed by now. I would have had to search high and low for another one that fits my things. The same applies for my camera bag.

This leather one has been with me everywhere and has been used almost daily. I made sure to get a bag that was high-quality to keep my expensive camera well protected and free of costly surprises. Having these high-quality travel items have helped me keep my sanity with all this traveling around. I know I can depend on them. I also know they will be with me for many future travels and years to come.

Check out my list of high-quality travel items that I think everyone should collect.

You don’t need to buy these all at once, but should set some money aside and invest in them one by one. This is the approach I am taking since I expect to travel more in the future.

High-Quality Travel Items You Should Collect

  • Luggage – Regular & Carry-on size. High-quality luggage is essential! It will save you so many headaches! Buying good regular and carry-on sized luggage will probably be your biggest investment, but it is also the most important. Check out this one for luggage that will last you a lifetime! If you’re looking for a good travel backpack I suggest this one. It’s the one I used for 6 months of straight travel and it’s never let me down. You can see the video on what I packed for 6 months of world travel here.
  • Tote Bag – To use as your personal item. It fits a laptop, accessories, camera (if necessary), a book, headphones, and a blanket scarf!
  • Camera Bag – A good camera bag will save your camera from costly accidents. I love this leather one that looks like a regular handbag!
  • Headphones – Get some well-rated noise canceling headphones to block out annoyances in-flight. Having these helps avoid sleepless red-eye flights or listening to people get sick like what happened on my horrific flight to Melbourne. I love these.
  • Sunglasses – You will want some good sunglasses for wherever you travel. Look for some meant for travel. I suggest buying sunglasses that fold to avoid breaking them in your overflowing bag. I brought my favourite ones along with me, but sadly broke them in my bag because they don’t fold! Check out these sunglasses instead. They fold, are high-quality and super cute!
  • A good travel camera – Look for a compact but powerful camera that you can comfortably take along on your travels. I switched my Canon DSLR camera for the Olympus Pen E-PL8 because it is more travel friendly. Another great option is the Canon G7x if you don’t care about switching lenses.

What high-quality travel items have you invested in? Do you agree it’s a smart idea to collect these items? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

Check out the video on What I Packed For 6 Months Of World Travel

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