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How To Boost Creativity During Quarantine | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

Let’s face it, quarantine is not the ideal situation to spark your creativity. Instead of working on your next big project at an inspiring café, you’re stuck at home either alone or with too many people in sight. This cripples your ability to think outside-the-box (pun intended). But hope is not lost, after all we have been gifted with time – an endangered experience that’s flourishing during this chaos. Read ahead for tips on how to make the most of this time and spark your creativity! 

Set your morning routine

Talk with any successful person, and they’ll likely credit their success to their curated morning routine. If your busy life has impeded you from setting a morning routine in the past, now is the time to establish the foundation for your creative days. Mornings are crucial in setting the vibe and intentions for your day ahead. Starting with a peaceful routine focused on self-care can really help spark positivity and creativity. Try incorporating some yoga stretches, mindful meditation, and journaling into your mornings, along with your blissful cup of coffee or tea, of course! 

Incorporate daily nature walks

If you’re lucky enough to be quarantined in a country that still allows time outdoors, then use it to submerge yourself in nature. While travel is our favorite source of inspiration, we should not forget about the beauty that surrounds us. Even if you live in a big city, you’re bound to have some greenery nearby. Just being around nature and breathing some fresh air can clear your mind, and soothe your racing thoughts. When you’re feeling anxious or uninspired, try going for a little walk and really appreciate the beauty around you – you’ll immediately feel more calm and boost your creativity. 

Creative *virtual* Coffee Chat

What this quarantine has taught us is that even if we can’t see each other in person, we can still build relationships with the use of technology. Use these tools to your advantage and reach out to some creatives in your field. Host a creative coffee chat over Zoom where you gather a bunch of your favorite creatives for an hour of inspiring conversation. Exchange stories, talk about what’s working and what’s not during this crucial time, and find ways to collaborate. People have time now due to their social lives taking a hit, so it’s the perfect opportunity to establish new connections. And because we are all craving human contact, it will be a happy experience for all the creatives involved.

Enroll in online courses

We all have a few topics that strike our curiosity. With social pressures not being a thing during quarantine, why not use your spare time to finally explore these intrigues? Learning a new skill or learning more about a current one can really help boost creativity during quarantine. Just make sure you’re choosing a topic you enjoy. Maybe learn about the science of well-being, or how to become location independent. This is the perfect time to set new foundations for the next chapter of your post-quarantine life.  

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are great because you can listen to them while doing other tasks. Instead of having to dedicate both your eyes and ears to the topic, like you would with video, podcasts allow you to keep your eyes engaged in other things. Try combining your podcast listening time with a nature walk for an ultra boost of creativity. This way you’re exercising with a change of scenery, while also inspiring your mind. You’ll be ready to dive into your project upon returning home.

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How To Boost Creativity During Quarantine | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

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