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LA is well-known as a hotspot for bloggers, celebrities, and trendsetters. With so many trendy people gathered together in the city, it’s no surprise that there is a plethora of stylish restaurants to match. Since instagrammability has become an important factor to consider when choosing a restaurant, I went on the tough mission of hunting down LA’s most instagrammable vegan restaurants to put together this list. My suggestion? Plan a foodie trip to LA and try them all! Your belly (& Instagram) will thank you!

Sage Plant Bistro

Location: Culver City, Echo Park, Pasadena

Sage Plant Bistro has a few locations around LA, and they are all worth a visit. This all vegan farm-to-table cafe is popular amongst LA’s hottest crowds. What makes this cafe so unique is that they not only bring you amazing vegan food that’s healthy and good for the environment, they also partner with local farmers to bring you the best quality food and support the community. My friend Rosslyn raves about this place and frequents all three locations. Try it and let her know how you liked it!

The Most Instagrammable Vegan Restaurants In LA | | IG:

Cafe Gratitude

Location: Arts District, Venice, Newport Beach

Cafe Gratitude is another of LA’s most Instagrammable vegan cafes, and it is actually of the same owners as Gracias Madre. Similarly to Gracias Madre, you can find a creative selection of vegan food and inspiring decor that will turn you into a regular. I used to frequent the Newport Beach location back when I lived in OC. All of their locations are stunning in their own right with amazing food to match!

Green Table Cafe

Location: Mid-City 

Green Table Cafe is a popular all-vegan health restaurant located in the heart of Los Angeles. It has built a loyal following and is popular for its smoothie bowls and amazing looking pastas that I’m dying to try. The owners are a health-conscious couple who have crafted this beautiful cafe around their love for superfoods. The food here is what makes this place on of the most instagrammable restaurants in LA – just check their IG.

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The Most Instagrammable Vegan Cafes In LA | | IG:

Gracias Madre

Location: West Hollywood

This is my absolute favorite vegan restaurant in LA. It has the perfect combination of great ambiance, decor, and delicious food. Gracias Madre is an all-vegan spot with creative takes on Mexican cuisine. It is a popular place for bloggers, celebrities, and general trendy people in the city. Its interior, outdoor patio, and food are what make Gracias Madre one of LA’s most Instagrammable vegan restaurants. I love it so much that my friend Kristina and I went here everyday during our West Hollywood staycation.

The Butcher’s Daughter

Location: Venice

This place is one of the most popular cafes in Venice. It is located in the chic street of Abbott Kinney, so it’s expected to be just as stylish. The Butcher’s Daughter is mostly vegan, and Instagrammable AF. Every single time I’ve tried having lunch here there is always a long wait, so take that into account before going. I suggest planning ahead of time to get a good spot (the patio is my favorite), and not being too hungry since you’ll have to wait before eating. Even with the wait, The Butcher’s Daughter is a must-try. It’s also famous among bloggers and the city’s elite.

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The Most Instagrammable Vegan Cafes In LA | | IG:
The Most Instagrammable Vegan Cafes In LA | | IG:

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