Bavaria is one of the most beautiful parts of Germany. In fact, most of Disney’s fairytales and children’s storybooks are inspired from the scenery and castles in this area. There is so much to see on your road trip through Bavaria that it can get overwhelming. Here I have listed the must-see spots I visited on my own road trip through Bavaria, plus some places I missed but are highly recommended.

Munich – Obviously a must-see city in Germany. Munich is a perfect blend of urban with nature, having the English garden just steps away from the city center. It has great shopping, restaurants, and was even named best city to live in the world!

Bamberg – A not-so-obvious choice. Bamberg will absolutely delight you with it’s storybook architecture, picturesque streets, and terraces. I came to Bamberg to visit a friend and it made me fall in love with Germany. Can’t recommend this city enough! They also have a surprising selection of ice cream shops with cool concepts like spaghetti ice cream, or flavors like matcha and caipirinha (with alcohol 😱).

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Felsenbad Pottenstein – a natural pool and local hangout only 40 minutes from Bamberg. This place is absolutely stunning! You get to swim and tan in the middle of the woods in the summer months.

Vierzehnheiligen – A beautiful church set on the Bavarian countryside. This church is a great photo-op to see on your southern Germany roadtrip. Don’t forget to check out the inside which is the best part!

Franconian Switzerland – A beautiful are in the Bavarian countryside that makes for a scenic drive. You will pass rivers, nature, a small picturesque villages – a must for your road trip through Bavaria. Also make sure to stop and watch the many butterflies dancing! 😍

Riesenburg – a cool rock formation and hiking trail about one hour away from Vierzehnheiligen. This is an impressive collapsed cave which is sure to impress any hiking lover.

Neuschwanstein Castle – one of the most popular tourist stops for anyone visiting Southern Germany. This impressive castle is located only an hour and a half away from Munich making it a very convenient stop on your road trip through southern Germany.

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Have you done a road trip through Bavaria? What spots did you visit? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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