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Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Rome | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

Now that we have left Europe it feels bittersweet putting together this guide to Rome. Looking through these photos makes me miss those beautiful buildings and streets that have so much character. We were in Rome for 4 days and got to see many of the main historical monuments that the city is known for. It felt crazy being there, especially stepping into the Colosseum and thinking of how long it’s been standing there, living through the centuries and through so much change. Rome is simply an incredible place. Check out my guide below to see where we stayed, my favorite places to eat, and sights you should not miss!

Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Rome | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

Where to Stay

The Church Palace

Since our visit was short, we only stayed at one hotel. The Church Palace is a 4-star hotel that really could be a 5. The place is luxurious and beautiful. It features ample spaces, friendly staff, and 3 restaurants! We tried restaurant Nero for dinner one night and everything was incredible. Ask for the homemade bread and roman pasta. As for the rooms, they are nothing extravagant just minimal and comfortable with everything you could need for a pleasant stay. It is located a little far from the center, on the other side of the Vatican, but they offer shuttle services that take you to and from those destinations. We had a great stay!

Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Rome | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

Where to play

Being that it is Rome, one of the cities with the most magnificent ancient civilization and history, you must do a tour of all the ruins, landmarks, and museums. If you are pressed on time, make sure to at least see the following as they were my favorite!


When I think of Rome I think of the Colosseum, as do most people. It is magnificent in person – inside and out. Make sure to actually go inside. It’s not like a museum or anything, but being there is pretty surreal. Just picture all the emperors and crazy fights that went on inside this place!

Trevi Fountain

The most famous fountain in Rome and for good reason. This fountain is the most beautiful I saw, and trust me, you’ll see plenty in Rome. It recently was also used as a runway for Fendi’s fashion show. Get a gelato at one of the many stands, sit and take in the beauty of Trevi while eating one of Italy’s best treats.


The other side of Rome. When you visit Rome it is a must to go by the Vatican. It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, religious or not, just go and see this place. It’s incredible!

Castel Sant’Angelo

This is a huge castle located in the heart of Rome. It is near the Colosseum and most of the other historical places. It’s the first castle I saw in person, so clearly I was impressed. Surely you will be too.


Apparently, if you visit Rome and don’t see the pantheon you come back an ass. So, don’t be an ass and go see the Pantheon!

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Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Rome | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

Where to eat

100% Bio

This is a 100% vegan restaurant offering a variety of Italian specialties in a non-cheese filled way! 100% Bio have everything from panini to calzone, and vegan coffee. Try their tempeh and veggies calzone with an almond milk cappuccino – delicious! They have 4 different type of milks you can choose from for your coffee: almond, oatmeal, soy, and rice. I chose almond milk and it’s honestly the only dairy-free cappuccino I’ve ever had that tasted so similar to a regular cappuccino. They know their stuff! Try them for breakfast or lunch.

Ristorante Life

Ristorante Life is a very cool and modern take on Italian fine dining. This restaurant is centrally located near the shopping area of central Rome, only a few minutes away from Trevi Fountain. It specializes in Mediterranean style dishes, seafood, black truffle, and pasta! I tried the black truffle degustacion menu and everything was incredibly delicious. The pasta is homemade and will make your jaw drop. The tiramisu is also to die for. Even though this is a fine-dining restaurant, the ambience feels more relaxed and the staff makes sure you feel at ease and comfortable throughout dinner. My favorite in Roma!

Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Rome | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

Il Gelato Di San Crispino

Okay, so I didn’t have enough time to try Il Gelato Di San Crispino, but according to Eat Pray Love it is the best gelato place in Rome. Go try it and tell me if you agree! Btw, I picked up that book at the train station right before hoping on our train to Rome. I had no idea she even visited Italy and specifically lived in Rome for 4 months. It took me exactly the 4 days I was there to read the section on Rome and I felt like living what she did! Definitely eat your way through the city, like a good Italian would. If you can’t make it here, just go to Venchi (that’s what I had in the picture above) which makes the most amazing fruit & chocolate gelato! You’ll recognize the place from the line going out-the-door.

Pasta Imperiale

Cheap and good homemade pasta in the heart of Rome. They have pasta specials for just 5€! Their carbonara and bolognese are the best we tried in Rome, so don’t let the price fool you! Definitely worth a visit. Everything is homemade including their delicious tiramisu.

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