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There is no better city for foodies than Bangkok.

Bangkok is food central with street food stands, restaurants, and markets in every street of the city. Thailand in general is foodie heaven, but its capital is the most impressive.

Every place we tried in Bangkok was amazing, yet there are some places that stand out from the crowd. Keep reading for my favorite places for street food, fine-dining, and views of the Thai capital.

1. Find the Pad Thai stand at the central food market. 

We stumbled across this place on our way to see The Grand Palace (a place you must definitely check out!). This market is a small street just about a block away from the palace and you’ll immediately recognize it from all the delicious food stands. Here you can cure any of your foodie cravings. There are vendors selling coconuts, coconut ice cream, mango sticky rice, egg rolls, fried rice, and my favorite, Pad Thai. Nick and I both had Pad Thai from the stand that is located towards the end of the street, right by the water taxi entrance. It is AMAZING! The best Pad Thai we have ever had, and it only cost about $1.50. You can’t beat it! Nick got his extra spicy and I got mine not spicy (having Rosacea sucks!). They were both to die for. Get a fresh coconut after your meal from the stand next door, and some mango sticky rice for dessert. It’s the perfect Thai street food experience you can have!

2. Have some drinks at the famous Sky Bar!

This rooftop bar is the highest open-air bar in the world! It is also where one of the scenes from The Hangover in Bangkok was filmed. The drinks here are great, and the view is even better. It is located on the 63rd floor of the Lebua – one of the most coveted hotels in Bangkok. The view is by far the best you can get in the entire city, offering a 360 degree look of Bangkok’s impressive skyline. We came here on our last night in Bangkok and it was a great experience. It was insane being up there looking down at all the city lights. A perfect way to end our visit to Bangkok! 

3. Check out the historic Bang Rak district for the best street food.

It is located in Bangkok’s city center and it is foodie paradise. Here you will find some of the best street food in the city. It is also where the Lebua hotel is located. Check out the food center near the hotel for some incredibly cheap and delicious meals. We got chicken basil with rice and spicy chicken fried noodles for $1.50 each and they were heavenly! Also be sure to get an iced passion fruit green tea from Kingu-cha. It’s an elevated street shop that sells all kinds of iced tea and they are delicious!

4. Have dinner in complete darkness.

Okay this one is an odd one, but something I recommend you experience at least once in your life. We had dinner at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit on our second night in Bangkok and tried their Dine in Dark experience. It’s pretty self explanatory- you dine in the dark. Seems simple enough right? Nope!

The restaurant is pitch black. I’m talking 200% darkness meaning it’s darker than when you close your eyes. I have never experienced such darkness before. There is not a single streak of light peeking in. The point of this is for you to experience what it would be like to be blind. At this restaurant, all of the servers are actually blind, and you put your trust in them to guide you through the experience. Before entering you will get introduced to your waiter who will then guide you to your table by having you hold on to his shoulders – chu-chu train style Once you are seated, he or she will introduce you to your cutlery on the table and help you find your food/drinks throughout the meal. You get an apron to wear so you don’t make a mess of yourself, which trust me, YOU WILL.

Eating without seeing your food is SO hard! At first Nick and I tried using the cutlery to eat, you know, like you would at any fine dining restaurant, but ended up eating with our hands by the end. I had lettuce and sauce all over the place and felt like a was a toddler learning to eat on her own. It’s insane, but a truly eye-opening experience. Part of the proceeds from the restaurant go to an association to help the blind. Apart from the memorable experience, the food is delicious! The restaurant serves a fine dining menu with 4 different options to choose from – Vegetarian, Asian, Western, and Chef’s surprise. I went with Asian and Nick went with Chef’s surprise and we were both very happy with our choices.

The catch is you don’t find out what you ate until after your meal. Once you exit the dark room one of the staff members comes to ask you about your experience and also has you guess what each of the 4 courses were. She then proceeds to show you photos of the plates to see if you were right.

We were both wayyyy off! This is a dining experience I will never forget. Try it!!

Have you been to Bangkok? What places would you recommend for a foodie? Comment below!

xx, Karen

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