The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:

The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima

I found Daniela via a follower recommendation through Instagram and instantly fell in love with her art. Normally I’m more of a black tattoo type of gal, but Daniela’s style spoke to my soul. Her passion for this art shows through her designs. I knew she needed to be the person to design my next tattoo.

Daniela works at Ink Ray Studio in Miraflores – a small, but very professional tattoo shop in one of Lima’s favorite neighborhoods. Ink Ray Studio houses two artists, Daniela and Camilo. Both artists have very different styles, but are both equally talented.

The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:

I communicated with Daniela via Instagram prior to meeting her in person. She helped provide me with direction and inspiration for my desired tattoo. I wanted it to be something that represented my current transitional phase in life, and also my love for Lima, and that utilized her tattooing style since it’s what attracted me to work with her in the first place.

After chatting and searching endlessly on Pinterest for inspiration I came up with my new tattoo design. A sunflower that sprouted out of the word “Sunchaser.”

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m 120% a summer person. I have crafted my life to chase the sun around the world, and don’t feel completely myself when the sun isn’t kissing my skin. I am a dwindled version of myself in the winter, and only blossom in the summer – much like a sunflower. This, plus my current transitional phase in life of establishing bases with the purpose of perpetually chasing summer, is what cemented my tattoo idea.

The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:

When I met Daniela for our design appointment, she loved the idea and enthusiastically began working on it. Her design style fascinated me as she uses a combination of digital art with her own talents to create a piece that is as unique as her clients.

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She began the design process by taking a photo of the area of my body where the tattoo would live. She then uploaded this photo onto her iPad, gathered some inspo images off Pinterest, and began designing a tattoo around my idea which was placed directly onto my photo. I was mesmerized by this process as it’s like nothing I had ever experienced before, and much more efficient! By designing the tattoo with her clients and digitally placing it on their skin prior to it being permanent, we are able to get an accurate picture of what the final result will look like. Freaking genius!

The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:

We chatted while she designed the first draft of my tattoo for about an hour. She then showed me what it would look like. I loved it already, and it wasn’t even finished. After the initial design appointment, she asked me to check for the exact font I wanted. She also told me to send her any and all inspo of sunflowers I loved to make sure the final design perfectly captured my vision.

I did all of this and we met a week later for the actual tattooing.

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The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:

The actual tattooing experience was just as wonderful as our first meeting. We chatted the whole time, and she made sure my stencil was just right before she started tattooing me. I really appreciated her attention to detail and the amount of time she took making sure the piece would be perfect on my body.

Since my tattoo was a small one, it was a pretty quick process, yet she didn’t rush through it. She ensured that every step was done perfectly, and the lines plus shading of the flower were beautifully done. The final result was just like I had pictured in my mind.

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The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:

After we finished the “sunchaser” tattoo, we actually did another one (!!). During our first meeting, I had an idea for a second tattoo, a tiny triangle with the word “vida” spelled across one side. This triangle signifies water one way, and fire the opposite way which are the basis for my life. I am Aries (fire) and the only thing that brings me peace is being by the water. Daniela and I actually bonded over this as she too is an Aries and strongly related to what I was explaining. So we decided to go along with cementing the symbol on my wrist.

The healing process of the tattoos was also unique. Typically, for my other tattoos, I was instructed to keep the tattoo clean, moisturized, and not to go in the pool or ocean for two weeks. At Ink Ray Studios they use a special film to cover the tattoo for a week. This helps to speeds up the healing process and doesn’t require any additional effort. I loved this! So low-maintenance.

Overall my tattoo experience at Ink Ray Studio and with Daniela was the most unique I’ve ever had. Her tattooing style is beautiful and her attention to detail will ensure you love your new art piece. I highly recommend you booking an appointment with her during your visit to Lima.

To book an appointment with Daniela just send her a DM on Instagram.

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The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:
The Best Place For Women To Get A Tattoo In Lima | | IG:

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