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How I Became Location Independent | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

Over the past four years I’ve been traveling around the world, exploring some of my dream destinations. If you’ve been following the journey on my personal Instagram, you know it hasn’t been easy. I left my entire life behind, the “American Dream,” my friends, my family, my safety-net, and even my ex-husband to pursue my dream of a travel lifestyle.

To me travel was never just a thing I wanted to do occasionally. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to make travel part of my lifestyle. I wanted to have full freedom in my life, and felt the only way to do this was by being completely independent.

Independence and freedom are the things I value most in the world. I despise the idea of being trapped – it’s my biggest fear. I hate monotony and I hate people telling me how to live my life. My desire is to have the ability to choose what I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to do it, and from where I want to do it. What I didn’t know when I started this travel journey is that what I was craving was actually location and financial independence in order to have the freedom and flexibility to live life on my own terms.

How I Became Location Independent | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

I left everything behind to pursue this deep desire on June 18th, 2017. To purse my dreams and passions. To pursue the world. I left with no plan, no money, and no end destination, and all alone. I remember being so scared, crying and shaking for weeks before my flight to Barcelona. But all things worth doing are always scary, so I went through it anyways. 

“If your own aspirations don’t scare the crap out of you then you’re not visualizing life to its full potential.”

When I left, I left with no plan. All I knew was that I wanted to travel around for a while, and figure out what I wanted to do along the way. I traveled for about a year without any real direction. Although I felt lost at times, I will never regret the hardships because they led me to finally create an action-plan for my dream life. That year I felt as lost as ever, yet it is what inspired me to create my own location independent business. This gave me the ability to continue to travel the world, indefinitely, and gain more control over my life.

How I Became Location Independent | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

The idea of a location independent business didn’t come during my travels. It was always present, and I had been researching for ways to start an online business for around 10 years. What traveling alone for that year did for me is it made me believe in myself. It validated my ideas, it provided me with inspiration and clarity, and it led me to meet dozens of inspiring people who were already living my dream life.

That last part is the most important part of my journey, and what I owe this lifestyle to. People who without knowing gave me the direction and clarity I needed to actually take action on my goals. Because of these people I finally embraced my insecurities and worked through them. I got the courage to actually turn my dreams into reality just like they all had years before me.

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How I Became Location Independent | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

I really believe that there is room in this world for all of us to be successful, and that working with your competition is the best way to achieve success. Instead of seeing others who are doing what you want to do as a threat, why not learn from them? After all they’ve already figured out how to do what you want to do!

So without knowing it, my desire to travel and openness to talk with strangers and learn from them actually led me to become location independent. I finally achieved a traveler lifestyle. A lifestyle I had been dreaming of before I even knew how to put words together to describe it. 

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How I Became Location Independent | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co
How I Became Location Independent | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co