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I had the opportunity of staying at the gorgeous Hotel MiraMar Barcelona for a night. Hotel MiraMar is part of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts group making it of the highest standard.

It is a 5* boutique hotel located in Montjuic, an area just west of Barcelona’s city center. From Montjuic and Hotel MiraMar you get some truly impressive views of Barcelona!

Apart from the amazing views, Hotel MiraMar is overall one of the best hotels I have stayed at throughout my travels. From the moment you check in to the time you leave you will be treated like royalty. Hotel MiraMar’s staff, and the hotel manager, Diego, will ensure that your stay is the most pleasant.

The property is also stunning and will make you want to enjoy it all day. Once I checked into Hotel MiraMar I did not want to leave! You can see my struggle on my YouTube video here. I was seriously debating not going out that day because I wanted more time to enjoy the hotel. The pool area was my favorite! I ended up waking up for sunrise the next day in order to get some good photos with the view and also to enjoy the pool before heading back into the city. That morning was one of my most memorable in Barcelona.

Last but not least, the rooms and the restaurant are equally amazing as the rest of the property. My room had an ocean view with a terrace, a spacious and comfortable bed, and bathtub goals like you wouldn’t believe! I enjoyed a glass of Rosé at MiraMar restaurant that evening for sunset, and then had breakfast at the hotel’s indoor restaurant. The breakfast completely blew my mind as it had a great variety of foods to choose from. There were the traditional scrambled eggs, orange juice, and cereal, but they also had Spanish items, like tortilla de papa, and even offered Dim Sum (!!).


Overall I really enjoyed my stay at Hotel MiraMar and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona! It is by far one of the best experiences you’ll have at a city hotel. You’ll want to visit over and over again :). A special thanks to Preferred Hotels & Resorts for introducing me to Hotel MiraMar and for a memorable stay!

Have you been to Barcelona? Which hotel did you stay at? Would you consider staying at Hotel MiraMar for your next visit? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen


Watch my vlog + tour of Hotel MiraMar:


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