148 Barcelona Instagram Captions

Barcelona is a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy sights. From Gaudi’s whimsical architecture to the spectacular beach sunsets, there’s no shortage of photo opportunities.

But once you’ve captured the perfect shot, what do you write in the caption?

Below are our suggestions for Barcelona Instagram Captions:

  1. Let the adventures in Barcelona begin 🤩
  2. Hola Barcelona, I’m here to fiesta! 🎉😍
  3. The city of Gaudi, the home of magic.
  4. When in Barcelona, do as Gaudi does 🤩
  5. Falling harder and harder for this mesmerizing city – Barcelona.

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  1. Sunsets in Barcelona – nothing short of spectacular!
  2. No place I’d rather be than here in sunny Barcelona!
  3. Barcelona, the city that stole my heart and never gave it back.
  4. 💕 Barcelona, the city that’s always making me smile. 🤗😌☀️
  5. No filter needed for the beauty of Barcelona 💛
  6. The streets are alive with the sounds of Barcelona 🎶
  7. Taking in all the magic of Barcelona ✨
  8. Tapping into my inner Gaudi in Barcelona 🎭
  9. Enjoying the beauty of Barcelona with my own eyes 🧡
  10. La Sagrada Familia has left me speechless 🤩
  11. Letting Barcelona take my breath away ✨
  12. Taking a siesta in sunny Barcelona ☀️
  13. All I need is a good paella and some Barcelona sunshine 🌞
  14. Eating, drinking and dancing my way through Barcelona 💃
  15. Seeing the world one city at a time, starting with Barcelona ♥️
  16. Here’s to endless days of fun and sun in Barcelona 🌞
  17. Viva la vida in Barcelona 🎉
  18. What a view! Feeling lucky to be in Barcelona

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Sangria Captions For Instagram:

  1. It’s sangria o’clock somewhere! 🍷😉
  2. Life is too short to not drink sangria.
  3. When in doubt, add more fruit to your sangria.
  4. Save water, drink sangria! Salud! 🍷😎
  5. Life is better when it’s filled with paella and sangria.
  6. 🇪🇸 Sangria makes everything better.
  7. When nothing goes right, go left and get a pitcher of sangria.
  8. What are you waiting for? Get those glasses and start pouring some sangria! 🍷💃🏼😋
  9. Sangria: the key to a perfect summer day.
  10. Who needs water when you can have sangria?
  11. Sangria weather all year ‘round.
  12. Cheers to Barcelona nights with good food and even better sangria! 🥂💃
  13. I’m sippin’ my way through summer with this delicious sangria.
  14. Living the life with sangria and sunshine. 🌞🍹☀️😎
  15. The city that gave me a lifetime of memories and plenty of sangria. 😊💗
  16. When in Barcelona, always order the sangria! 🍷😋✨
  17. Sangria is always a good idea! 💃🏼😎
  18. The only thing better than Barcelona’s sights? The sangria! 😍🍷👌
  19. Dreaming of days spent in sunny Barcelona with a glass of sangria. 💛✨
  20. Sipping sangria with a view in Barcelona ☀️
  21. 🍷😌 Ain’t nothing like a glass of sangria in Barcelona. 🤩💃🏼
  22. Raise a glass of sangria to Barcelona! 🥂🤩✨

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Paella Instagram Captions:

  1. Paella perfection! 🤩
  2. Paella: the key to a delicious dinner.
  3. Paella-ing up some deliciousness!
  4. Life is too short for bad paella.
  5. Let’s paella-brate!
  6. Follow your heart – and your taste buds – to paella nirvana.
  7. Spice it up with paella – and lots of love.
  8. Taking a bite out of paella paradise!
  9. Ready for the fiesta? Let’s start with paella!
  10. Paella: just one more way to show your love!
  11. Let’s get this paella party started!
  12. Nothing says love like a homemade paella.
  13. A big ol’ paella – now that’s something to taco ’bout!
  14. Yum yum, paella time!
  15. All you need is love – and a big paella.
  16. Paella, take me away!
  17. Perfection on a plate – yes please, paella!
  18. I’ll take a plateful of delicious paella , please!
  19. Who says you can’t paella your way to happiness?
  20. Mm-mmm – now that’s some tasty paella!
  21. Let the paella-sation begin!
  22. Spicing up the world with a little bit of paella love!
  23. Paella -mania: catch it!
  24. Deliciousness served up paella style!
  25. This paella’s so good, you won’t want to share!
  26. Paella: the perfect way to add a little flavor to your life!
  27. Paella-licious – and oh so good!
  28. Paella: the key ingredient to a happy life!
  29. Nothing beats a homemade paella.

Siesta Instagram Captions:

  1. Taking a siesta because this bed isn’t going to nap itself.
  2. When life gives you lemons, take a siesta.
  3. A little siesta never hurt anyone.
  4. Make time for a siesta, and you’ll be ready to conquer the world.
  5. Don’t worry, be sleepy.
  6. Next stop: nap town!
  7. Siesta all day, every day.
  8. Bye bye, worries! Siesta time.
  9. A nap a day keeps the cranky away.
  10. When in doubt, take a siesta.
  11. Time to power down and recharge with a siesta.
  12. Ready, set, snooze!
  13. Siesta: the best way to recharge.
  14. Napping is my cardio.
  15. All you need is a little siesta and lots of sunshine.
  16. Siesta now, worry later.
  17. Live long and nap hard.
  18. Relaxation is key, so take a siesta for me!
  19. I’m just one nap away from being a new person.
  20. I’m dreaming of a peaceful siesta.
  21. A siesta is the secret to my success.
  22. Siesta mode: activated!
  23. I’m never too busy for a siesta.
  24. I didn’t choose the siesta life, the siesta life chose me.
  25. A siesta a day keeps the stress away!
  26. Nap like nobody’s watching.
  27. Just another day in paradise; time to take a siesta!
  28. Creativity requires a good siesta!
  29. Life is better with some siesta time.
  30. Who needs coffee when you can take a siesta?
  31. Ready to take on the world… after my siesta.
  32. Time for some well-deserved shut-eye!
  33. Recharging my batteries with a siesta.
  34. I’m recharging my energy levels with a siesta!
  35. Sun’s out, siesta’s in!
  36. Time for the ultimate power nap!
  37. Sleep: my favorite hobby.
  38. Nap time is the best time!
  39. Nothing like a good siesta to recharge my batteries!

Fiesta Instagram Captions:

  1. Let’s get the fiesta started!
  2. Fiesta ’til we siesta.
  3. Livin’ la vida loca!
  4. Cinco de Drink-o!
  5. A party isn’t a party without a fiesta.
  6. Life is a fiesta – enjoy it!
  7. Celebrating with a sabor de fiesta.
  8. ¡Viva la Fiesta!
  9. We do fiesta better than anyone else.
  10. Ready to fiesta like there’s no mañana.
  11. Fiesta until the sun comes up!
  12. Who says you can’t fiesta all night long?
  13. You don’t need a reason to fiesta.
  14. What happens at the fiesta, stays at the fiesta!
  15. ¡Fiestas para todos!

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Tapas Instagram Captions:

  1. Saturday night called, and it wants you to have some tapas!
  2. Say no more – just tapas!
  3. Life is better with a side of tapas.
  4. You had me at “tapa”!
  5. Small plates, big flavor!
  6. Tapas: the tastiest bites you’ll ever have.
  7. Stay a while – have some tapas!
  8. Sharing is caring, especially when it’s tapas!
  9. Tapas and chill.
  10. Tapas: the perfect snack for any occasion.
  11. Tapas: it’s what’s for dinner!
  12. Nothing quite like a night of tapas and friends.
  13. Tapas: where food meets fun!
  14. Go big or go home – have both tapas and a full meal.
  15. Tapas: the ultimate party food!
  16. Come for the tapas, stay for the conversation.
  17. Keep calm and eat tapas!
  18. Tapas like it’s 1999.
  19. Celebrate the small things – like tapas!
  20. Let’s taco ’bout some tapas!

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