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Hey guys! Last week I had the pleasure of spending the day at The Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, CA. I came here with my blogger bestie, Audrie Storme (@audriestorme). You have probably already seen her tagged on a few of my IG posts. She has become my new adventure buddy since my return to California. Who better to spend a day in Newport Beach than with another travel lover?!

Pelican Hill Resort

We first started this perfectly relaxing day with some massages. They were so good! I really needed one as my massage therapist said my shoulders were REALLY tense. Guess I need these spa days more often? After that we had lunch at the beautiful Coliseum – the resort’s pool-side restaurant. Since I am eating vegan now I was totally the up-noxious customer that has to customize every meal. Thankfully they offered a few dairy-free, vegan friendly options. I went with a veggie burger (protein style), some roasted cauliflower, and extra avocado. So so good! Audrie also loved her meal. She ordered the SeaBass dairy free and shared some of my cauliflower. We were so happy all day just feeling very relaxed after being treated like princesses.

We also got free use of the spa facilities for the day so after having lunch and exploring the grounds a bit (plus taking some photos) we headed back to the spa to enjoy the dip pool. Isn’t it gorgeous?! We had the pool all to ourselves! It’s actually not a pool but a large hot tub and it felt amazing!

To end a perfect day we caught the sunset over the amazing ocean view that the Pelican Hill Resort has. Of course, this was what we were waiting for the entire day – that perfect bestie photo-op. I think it was worth the wait 🙂

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this post! I will be going on a few more of these getaways real soon. Palm Springs is next week! Be sure to follow along of Instagram for daily updates.

xx, Karen

Watch the spa-cation vlog below! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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