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My stay in Geneva was nothing short of wonderful. I used my time here as a base to explore both the city and other areas of Switzerland. For the second part of my stay in Geneva I checked into Hotel N’vY by Manotel – a hip hotel in the city center.

Hotel N’vY is very different from my first hotel in Geneva – Intercontinental. Hotel N’vY is much ‘cooler’ and laid-back which was a nice change. The decor here is very whimsical, colorful, and lively. You’ll get a mood uplift immediately when you walk into the lobby.

The rooms also share this cool and whimsical decor. My room was very modern, had a large and comfortable queen bed, sitting area, desk area, mini-bar, Nespresso machine, and a super cool bathroom with a view of Lake Geneva. Being in this room made me feel very at home to the point that I passed on seeing Geneva’s nightlife on Saturday night for a night of relaxation with my favorite book, chill music, decaf coffee, and a hot bath. It was the most relaxing and self-indulging night I’ve had in my 2 months of traveling.

Hotel N’vY has 2 restaurants, Trilby Restaurant and Tag’s Cafe, as well as a bar, N’vY bar. A buffet breakfast is served at Trilby Restaurant every morning from 6:30am – 10am. Breakfast was included with my stay, and you guys know how I feel about breakfast… Needless to say I woke up the first morning eager to try out Hotel N’vY’s breakfast. The buffet consisted of a variety of traditional breakfast items – breads, hams, cheeses, and juices. Unfortunately, it did not offer a large variety of fresh fruit (just a fruit salad). Although I love trying everything for breakfast, my favorite thing to have (and lots of!) is fresh fruit. Especially since I try to adhere to a *mostly* vegan diet. If you don’t care for fruit for breakfast, then I am sure the buffet will satisfy your needs! They did have some yummy crepes and banana bread 🙂

Overall Hotel N’vY is a great option for a more laid-back stay in Geneva. The hotel is very centrally located, only a short walk away from the lake, old town, the train station, and great shopping! The cool rooms and decor will keep you in an uplifted mood while their hearty breakfast will give you the energy needed to explore beautiful Geneva.

Do you prefer staying at luxurious hotels or cool and laid-back ones? Would you consider staying at Hotel N’vY when visiting Geneva? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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