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Barcelona is becoming an increasingly popular city to live in. People from all over the world are flocking to this major European city because it has it all – beaches, good weather, lively people, culture, and an overall great quality of life. Barcelona is also quickly becoming a startup capital making it a lucrative place for entrepreneurs to start their business. Digital nomads are also flocking to the city due to its many cafes to work from, relaxed and flexible lifestyle, and large expat community. Thinking of joining the movement? Then let’s help you figure out which of the best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona is right for you!

The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals

The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals - | IG:

Poble Nou

What was once a mostly deserted area of the city has turned into one of the best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona. Poble Nou is the perfect place to live for those looking for more peace and quiet yet still have things to do. This up-and-coming neighborhood is popular with beach lovers, hipsters, and those who work in the technology hubs nearby. It’s far enough from the center that you won’t be pushing through a sea of tourists, yet close enough that you don’t miss out on the action.

Where to hangout:

La Rambla del Poble Nou- lots of bars and restaurants. It is the area to hangout if you live in Poble Nou.

Palo Alto Market – a hipster market that takes place on the first weekend of every month. This is the place to be when it takes place. Here you can find great local shopping, food trucks, live music & Djs, plenty of beer, wine, and great vibes!

Cafes to work from:

Espai Joliu – a plant-store and cozy coffee shop in one, this is the coolest cafe in the city.

Valkiria – spacious events and coffee spot with lots of sitting and reliable wifi.

Skye Coffee Co – A quirky camper van turned coffee shop, this is a cool place to work from and get great coffee to keep motivated.

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The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals - | IG:


This is probably the most centric neighborhood in barcelona and very popular with young professionals. Eixample is a very trendy and upscale area of the city, and it’s also where you will find most of Gaudi’s work. This neighborhood is characterized by its sushi-like street blocks, modernist buildings, and great shopping. You will find tons of cool cafes, great restaurants, bars, and nightlife in Eixample making it one of the best neighborhood to live in Barcelona.

Where to hangout:

Passeig De Gracia – Here you will find the best shopping in the city and some of Gaudi’s famous buildings.

El Nacional – A must-see in the city. El Nacional is a nice spot to grab a drink, bring your friends, and have a classy good time over tapas.

Cafes to work from:

Super Coffee & Food – a cool cafe to work from on near Plaça Catalunya (but not as crowded). This place has good wifi, good service, and nice lattes.

Green & Berry – A nice cafe near diagonal, this is a perfect spot to work from if you live in the Esquerra de l’Eixample (left side of Eixample).

The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals - | IG:

El Borne

El Borne is a popular neighborhood for expats. This is because it has everything you could think of from amazing cafes, restaurants, cool bars, beautiful architecture, and an overall amazing vibe. El Borne seems to be the first neighborhood to live in Barcelona when you’re just arriving. It was mine and most of my friend’s first home, and I don’t regret a minute of my time there! Since Borne has so much going on at all times, it is easy to get stuck “in the bubble” meaning you won’t venture out of the neighborhood much. This is not a bad thing as you’ll get to know this cool area of the city very well, but if you’re wanting to interact with more locals and really get an authentic vibe of Barcelona, then El Borne might limit you. Move to El Borne if it’s your first time in Barcelona or if you’re limited on time here, but try to venture out after a few months. There’s more to Barcelona than Borne, yet it’s still one of the best neighborhoods in Barcelona to live in for young professionals.

Where to hangout:

Numero 9 – a cool bar to start your night, grab a fancy cocktail, and chat with a friend (or date!) for a while.

Mr. Robinson – This is the most fun bar in the neighborhood. This place is packed every weekend with a crowd of mainly expats looking to have some good fun. If you’re new to the neighborhood and looking to meet some cool people, head to Mr. Robinson – you’re bound to make some new friends!

Cafes to work from:

Lulu’s – best cafe for brunch and to work a while during the week. Inside has cool vibes, good wifi, and great lattes.

Alsur Cafe – A cozy cafe with plenty of sitting and good vibes to keep your creative juices flowing. During the week you will find lots of people with laptops. Over the weekend Wifi gets shut-off to prevent workaholic nomads from hogging the tables.

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The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals - | IG:


Gracia is like Borne but for locals. This neighborhood has it all – cafes, restaurants, Coworking spots, bars, markets… EVERYTHING. It has so much going on that, like El Borne, you won’t want to leave the neighborhood. Gracia, however, is most popular with Catalans and you won’t find many expats in the area. The locals want to keep it this way, but are also fairly welcoming to outsiders. This is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona if you want a more authentic, local experience, and meet catalans. The only problem for me is that it is in the most northern part of the city (aka far from the beach). Other than that little issue, Gracia is a lovely neighborhood to live in.

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Where to hangout:

Casa Gracia – a hostel (that doesn’t feel or look like one) that has a cool underground bar where there are often events and always great vibes!

Cafes to work from:

Sabio Infante – Cutest cafe in the neighborhood. Come here for great brunch, lattes, good vibes and strong wifi.

Bicioci Bike Cafe – Great ambiance, nice seating options, and strong wifi. It’s a perfect spot to work a while and get inspired.

Before you settle into any of these neighborhoods, I recommend you rent an Airbnb for a few weeks to figure out if the neighborhood fits your lifestyle/personality. It’s better than locking yourself into a lease right away only to realize you prefer another side of town.

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The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals | | IG:
The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals | | IG:

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