The Ultimate Guide To Christmas In Mallorca

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you happen to stop by my little island, aka Mallorca, during the holiday season, you should definitely stick around and read my ultimate Guide to Christmas in Mallorca.

Christmas in Mallorca

Even though we do not get snow, be prepared to enjoy a very Christmas-y atmosphere. Our mild winter allows you to enjoy all of the outdoor activities listed below.

Christmas Lights

By the end of November you will be able to enjoy the array of Christmas lights flood the streets of the city centre of Palma. My favourite lights every single year are the ones on the trees along El Born. Why not do my Palma in 24 hours tour, Christmas edition? You’ll be sure to see the most beautiful lights by following my previous post! Also, stop by a churros truck and order yourself a side of hot chocolate, the best afternoon snack!

Ice Skating

Nothings screams winter like an ice skating rink! I just had to include this in my Christmas in Mallorca guide. If you are a skating enthusiast or just want to hang out and do something different, definitely check out this set up in Plaza España. On Saturdays in December this is one of the liveliest parts to hang out in Palma.

“Belen” Expositions

Representing the traditional nativity scene is a huge part of a family’s Christmas decoration in Mallorca. Most of us have grown up setting up our own as children, right next to the Christmas tree. The “Belens” (nativity scene) you will find around the city centre are an upgraded version of that tradition. They are bigger and more detailed and at times made of artisan figures. Take your time to appreciate each one of them. Some of the best ones can be found in Cort (City Hall), El Corte Ingles (mall in Avda. Alexandre Rosselló) and C&A (Sant Jaume, 2). Best thing about them is you can visit them for free!

La UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

On Christmas Eve, at midnight, most churches in Palma will hold a special mass that will include the singing of “La” (Song of the Sibyl), a song that dates back to medieval times. This is definitely one of the most beautiful cultural experiences of Christmas in Mallorca, no matter which religion you choose to believe in. This really is the kind of thing you have to see for yourself!

New Years Eve in “Cort”

One of the main squares of the city, Cort, is the best place to welcome the New Year! Don’t forget to bring your twelve grapes to eat in exactly twelve seconds! No countdowns here, just try not to choke (Honestly I haven’t been able to finish them in the past 10 New Years, it’s okay if you don’t either). Enjoy the after party until late at night, because in Spain no decent party ends before 6AM.

Three Kings Parade

If you want to bring your inner child out during your enjoyment of Christmas in Mallorca, this one is definitely for you. In Mallorca tradition dictates that on January 6th all of the kids will be opening up the presents brought to them by the Three Kings (sorry, Santa Claus is kind of an imported thing!). Before opening the presents, on January 5th, there is a Three Kings parade around the city giving heaps of candy away (Halloween meets Christmas, maybe?). A nice tradition you can enjoy with the family!

Christmas Markets

And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without a good old Christmas market! Luckily, in Mallorca we have a few options for everyone and in different areas. The main and most well known market is in Palma city centre and Plaza Mayor. You can find all sort of artisan pieces of traditional Christmas decorations. The Puerto Portals Christmas market is great because of its daily activity plans. Pueblo Español Market in Palma has a more international vibe and you can even get mulled wine there! Last but not least, why not venture outside Palma to Alaró, a beautiful town with an exceptional Christmas themed market, great to buy any last minute gift for friends and family.

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