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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of staying at The Wesley in Palm Springs. Ever since I got back from our 6 month around-the-world travels I have been missing staying at cute hotels and Airbnb’s. I am a huge fan of interiors and staying in aesthetic spaces really inspires me. That is why I decided to spend a night at The Wesley – to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert, but also to get re-inspired.

Karen at Wesley Palm Springs

The Wesley is different from other hotels. It is something in between a boutique hotel and an Airbnb apartment. These are two of my favorite accommodation options to stay in while traveling so I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. At The Wesley, you are not staying in a room, but instead, you get your own flat. I stayed in Flat #1 which is an adorable studio packed with a living area, kitchen, bar, and a spacious patio equipped with a grill. I stayed here right before moving to our new studio apartment and it gave me so much decor inspiration!

Outside your flat, there is a common area with cabanas, seating spaces, and a cool pool full of quirky inflatables! They are perfect for that Instagram shot. Donuts & Swans anyone? I spent half of my stay poolside or trying to get on the floaties, and the other half hanging out in my flat. The Wesley made me feel like I was home, so much so that I didn’t want to leave! I will definitely be back whenever I need a little desert getaway 🙂
Do you feel inspired when staying at an aesthetically pleasing hotel? What’s your favorite and where? Let me know in the comments below!
xx, Karen

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