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I have lived in California for about 14 years now, yet had never set foot in Santa Barbara. Sometimes when you live somewhere for long all you want to do is escape it.

This has been the main reason why I never made the 3 hour trek from home to explore this area. Now that I am back in California I have been doing little trips in-state. This weekend was full of day trips and I was deeply inspired by Santa Barbara’s beauty. The town is gorgeous and has a Spanish feel. It’s because of this that I loved it so much. I’ve been planning a trip to Spain and being in here made me all the more excited to pack and go! Check out the my photo diary and recommendations below!

Karen in Santa Barbara

Red Kettle Coffee


Before making it to Santa Barbara, we stopped at a nearby town called Summerland. I am obsessed with the name and everything about the town. It is very picturesque, has a winery, and it is where I found this cute coffee shop. The coffee here is great and so is the ambiance/decor.

Old Town

Santa Barbara

After grabbing coffee in Summerland we headed to our actual destination. We stopped at Old Town and walked around, took photos, and had lunch at Pascucci. The whole area is amazing for photos so I was happy as could be!

Pier for Sunset

Once we were done exploring and having lunch we headed down to the pier to catch sunset. Here we were joined by many other locals and tourists all taking in the gorgeous colors of the sky. This was probably the most beautiful sunset I had ever witnessed in California. It actually reminded me a little of Greece! You can’t miss this.

Be sure to save this post for your next trip to Santa Barbara! You won’t regret exploring this area 🙂

Have you ever been to Santa Barbara? What did you love most about it? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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All photos taken with my Olympus Pen E-PL8.

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