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Sydney is a city I feel a little confused about.

I thought Sydney would be absolutely fabulous and have the same amazing coffee and restaurant scene as Melbourne. Sadly, this was not the case which left me a little disappointed.

I searched high-and-low for a flat white that made me feel the same euphoria as Melbourne’s. Since Sydney is such a world-renowned city I believed it would have a great food scene. I was wrong.

Now, I typically only rave about the destinations I have traveled to because I absolutely love them. I love Sydney too, it’s a pretty city, but somehow it was lacking. Regardless, I enjoyed my time in the city and found some cool neighborhoods to explore. These neighborhoods in Sydney are where you can find a good selection of trendy restaurants and coffee shops.

Karen in Sydney

My Favorite Neighborhoods in Sydney:

Surely Hills – for coffee culture. The only place in Sydney where we found a good selection of coffee shops. Walk up and down Crown street for a cool selection.

Newtown – great international restaurants and nightlife. This is close to the college and university in Sydney so it has a cool vibe on weekends. It also has plenty of good restaurants to choose from. 

Glebe – for shopping. Glebe has lots of cute boutiques and other unique shopping experiences. It is far better than shopping at regular retailers in Sydney’s city center

Karen on Bondi Beach

Bondi – Outside of Sydney, but really worth going. Going here for the weekend was my favorite part of the trip. See my guide to Bondi Beach.

Have you been to Sydney? What did you think? Were you impressed with what you saw? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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All photos taken with the Olympus Pen E-PL8

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