The Coolest Coffee Shops In Long Beach To Get Some Work Done | | IG:

When I first moved to Long Beach after my 6 month around-the-world trip I got a pleasant surprise – the town is full of cool coffee shops! Since I work remotely, I am constantly on the hunt for places I can call my office for the day. I’ve worked at coffee shops all around the world, and I can honestly say Long Beach has some great options. Check out the coolest coffee shops in Long Beach for yourself and let me know which is your favorite!

The Coolest Coffee Shops In Long Beach To Get Some Work Done | | IG:

Rose Parks Roasters

Rose Parks Roasters is another one of my favorite coffee shops in Long Beach, and my first visit whenever I come back to the area after months away. This place has great coffee, a nice tea selection, and overall great vibes. You will find plenty of creatives working hard at their dream lives here. This is something I find incredibly inspiring and one of the top reasons I love working from this coffee shop. It’s also my friend Audrie’s favorite coffee shop. She’s a coffee-obsessed Long Beach local. Definitely check Rose Park Roasters out!

Portfolio Coffee House

I love Portfolio Coffee House for its location and overall ambience, but I am not the biggest fan of their drinks. I have tried the coffee here and also their chai latte and neither lived up to my standards. This may have changed now, so don’t be scared to try this place. I’m just speaking honestly from MY experience. Even though I like the drink selection at other spots better, I still love the creative vibes from here. Portfolio coffee house has a cozy environment where you want to stay a while. I love this place for rainy or winter days or just anytime I want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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The Coolest Coffee Shops In Long Beach To Get Some Work Done | | IG:

Recreational Coffee

Recreational coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in Long Beach to get some work done. It is located in downtown Long Beach in a beautiful industrial-style building. I tried Recreational Coffee a while before moving to Long Beach and instantly loved the ambience, staff, and coffee. I came back here once I moved to the city to try it as a work space, and loved it even more. They have strong wifi and even stronger coffee so you can get all your work done effortlessly.

The Merchant

The Merchant is exactly how you might imagine a coffee shop. It’s cozy, hip and the perfect spot to get some work done if you’re looking for a change of scenery. Their cinnamon rolls are out of this world and make for the perfect companion during a long day of work. The horchata latte is a deliciously different approach to a classic drink and might just become your new favourite. Just keep in mind that there is limited indoor seating so coming early is highly recommended.


Commodity is far more than just a coffee shop and will probably be one of the coolest places you visit in Long Beach. You’ll spot their large sign from up the street which advertises beer, coffee and wine. Commodity managed to combine the best things in life and create a hybrid coffee shop in the heart of Long Beach that will become your new favourite spot to get some work done. This might not be a location where you’ll spend all day as it can get quite lively but if you’re looking to grab a drink while finishing up your to-do list in the late afternoon this is the place to go.

Wolf’s Brew Coffee

Wolf’s Brew Coffee is a classic coffee shop with a loyal customer base of remote workers who regularly make the location their office. They’re known for their delicious donuts and even have vegan options available. On the menu you’ll find classics like cold brew, lattes and espressos but also more unusual options like turmeric chai or a lavender latte. Wolf’s Brew actually has their own coffee brand so you know you’ll be in the good hands of expert baristas. With so much talk about coffee you just need to be careful you won’t forget to get some work done. Luckily the wifi is fast and the staff is very friendly and open towards those who come here to be productive.

Wide Eyes Open Palms

Wide Eyes Open Palms is probably the smallest coffee shop on this list but also the most popular. Located on 4th street not too far from the beach, this place will be absolutely packed with people waiting to get a freshly brewed coffee. Luckily, most of them are commuters and you’ll be able to grab a nook and get to work with your laptop. If you like quiet environments this is not the best choice but once you’ve got your headphones on you’ll be good to go. Plus who can resist a cute little coffee shop like Wide Eyes Open Palms?

Steelhead Coffee

Steelhead Coffee has several locations across Long Beach and is one of the best coffee shop chains in LA for work. The Steelhead Coffee on Broadway is definitely the busiest and the two in northern Long Beach will be a lot quieter. Their coffee selection is absolutely fantastic so if you’re someone who can taste the difference between types of beans you’ll love it here. For a more adventurous choice try the lavender latte which is absolutely delicious. Steelhead is also one of the most aesthetic coffee shops in Long Beach so why not snap an Instagram photo or two while you’re there?

Black Ring Coffee

Black Ring Coffee looks like it came straight out of a romantic comedy movie where the main character falls in love with the cute barista. Exposed brick, dark furniture, and wall art are complemented by large windows, which provide the perfect views of the northern Long Beach streets. Since this coffee shop is located further away from the hustle and bustle of the center of town, you’ll be able to truly be productive here with minimal distractions. Get a Honey Oat Latte to fuel your productivity and get those deadlines out of the way.

Berlin Bistro (permanently closed)

Berlin Bistro is Long Beach’s answer to traditional coworking spaces. They serve much more than just coffee, and you can get a full lunch here in case you get hungry while you work. Their burgers are absolutely fantastic and a must-try for starving remote workers longing for something more than just a pastry. Berlin Bistro is one of the larger coffee shops in Long Beach, and you’ll always be able to find a seat here. The wifi is fast, the coffee is delicious, and the food is Instagram-worthy. What more could you want?

Lord Windsor Coffee (permanently closed)

Lord Windsor Coffee has the coolest vibes. I love coming here when I’m in Long Beach. The place just inspires me! Perhaps it’s the laid-back but creative vibes, or all that natural light, or how aesthetic it is – do you see those plants?! 😍 The wifi here is strong, there is plenty of seating, there are plugs to charge your computer and phone, and their coffee and tea are delicious. Lord Windsor Coffee is definitely one of the coolest coffee shops in Long Beach to get some work done. Productivity for me here is through the roof!

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The Coolest Coffee Shops In Long Beach To Get Some Work Done | | IG:
The Coolest Coffee Shops In Long Beach To Get Some Work Done | | IG:

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