Paris is one, if not the most, magical city in the world. Every time I visit a new European city I fall in love with the culture, the food, and the people, and somehow always end up comparing them to Paris. There is just something in the air here that makes everything better. From the endless sidewalk cafes, to the beautiful architecture, and the flawlessly dressed people, Paris has the whole package.

Where to stay

Four Seasons – your number one option in Paris, and probably the most luxurious. The Four Seasons George V is centrally located in Paris and features gorgeous decor, rooms, and 3 amazing restaurants. The service is of the highest quality and there is not one detail that goes amiss. You will feel like royalty staying here.

Les Tournelles – a boutique hotel option located in the lovely district of Le Marais. You will be in the heart of foodie heaven with a huge selection of amazing cafes and restaurants just a few steps away. The hotel itself is cozy and welcoming, with their rooms being on the smaller side, but still comfortable. A delicious breakfast is also offered in the mornings.

Hotel Basss – a more hipster option in Paris. This hotel is located in the heart of Montmartre, a really cool district with a younger vibe and full of cafes and shops. The hotel feels like you’re staying in a hipster coffee shop, which I loved! Breakfast is also served in the morning, and they bring fresh baguettes!

Where to Play


Eiffel Tower – Duh. If you come to Paris you must check out the famous Eiffel Tower. Being there, in person, feels unreal. Be sure to go in the day & at night. They are two totally different experiences. The tower gives off a light show by the hour at night, and it is stunning! Make sure to have dinner at the top for an unforgettable experience.

Arc de Triomphe – Another landmark that France is famous for. Another impressive sigh to see. The Arc de Triomphe is located close enough from the Eiffel Tower to walk, and also near lots of good shopping.

The Louvre – See it in the day, and see it at night. Nighttime is the most impressive time to go to the Louvre as the pyramids light up contrasting against the night skies.

Luxembourg Gardens – Some of the most beautiful gardens I have seen. It is a beautiful place to spend a day, picnic, or simply grab a box of macarons and read a book.

Love Lock Bridge – This one is mainly for couples, unless you really love yourself.. Come here with your significant other and do as many other couples have before – lock your love forever on this famous Parisian bridge. I recommend buying a hand-painted lock from one of the vendors along the canal. Memories that will last for life!


Rue Di Rivoli – a main shopping street in Paris. Here you can find everything from fast fashion to department stores.

Champs-Elysées – the most luxurious area in Paris, and therefore the best for designer shopping. This is your place if you’re looking to splurge during your Parisian shopping trip.

Where to Eat


Le Petite Pontoise – hands down the best traditional French food we tried in all of Paris. This cafe is located near the river, and it’s perfectly cozy to liven up a gloomy day. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (closing for a few hours in between). We came here for dinner and literally everything we tried made our jaws drop and kept us wanting more. Please do yourself a favor and try the roasted camenbert cheese with almond and honey crust AND (yes, and, you need them both!) the raviolis to start, beef filet for the main, and chocolate amadeus for dessert. Oh, and pair it with a glass of your choice of red wine for the most magnificent Parisian meal!

Le George – this is a very special restaurant located inside the beautiful Four Seasons hotel. Simone is the 2 Michellin starred chef of the restaurant offering delicious Mediterranean style dishes that are especially good for lunch. The restaurant is beautiful with light-colored decor and overlooking the hotel’s courtyard. It has a younger feel than the Four Seasons’ 2 other restaurants – Le Cinq (3 Michellin stars) and L’Orangie, their newest addition. Le George focuses on providing light, Mediterranean dishes designed for sharing. We tried the flavors menu which has a variety of popular dishes including starters, mains, and dessert. Our favorites were the Ricotta Rivoli with lemon and mint, onion tartare with Parmesan ice cream (just as insanely amazing as it sounds), the veal chop Milanese, and creme brûlée for dessert. Everything here from the breads, to the pastas is homemade and it shows. Must try while in Paris!

Coffee shops

Clasico Argentino – this is a little Argentinian empanadas and ice cream place that is delicious! The smell of it alone will draw you into one of the best coffee shops in Paris. The empanadas are baked and filled with different meats, cheeses, or veggies – something for everyone!

Craft – half co-working space, half coffee shop. This place is ideal for entrepreneurs and creatives looking for a workspace away from home where they can get stuff done while staying caffeinated and with fast internet. You can find some pretty good matcha lattes here too!

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