Top 5 Castles In Mallorca You Need To Visit

Today I wanted to share with all of you another beautiful and historical side of the island. So many different cultures and civilisations have left their mark and I wanted to make sure you all took home some of that essence!

Learn about the island’s cultural background by visiting the top 5 most interesting castles in Mallorca.

Top 5 Castles In Mallorca You Need To Visit | | IG:

Top 5 Castles In Mallorca You Need To Visit

Alaró Castle

Location: Serra de Tramuntana

You can use the castle as an excuse to spend the day in this cute, picturesque town in the “Serra de Tramuntana”. I recommend taking an entire day to have a little a walk around Alaró and then hiking up to the castle, which from the centre will take about 2 hours. However, you can park closer and take a shorter route if you’re not feeling as sporty, but all of them are suitable for beginners. At 822 metres, it offers a great view of the mountain range.

Pro tips: As well as have a museum, this castle operates as a refuge, which means that you can actually spend the night! They also hold regular events, so definitely check what’s on before you head up there. Also the access is free.

Son Mas Castle

Location: Andratx

I have to confess this has been a fairly recent discovery for me. I always enjoy visiting the town of Andratx in the warmer months but now I have yet another reason to go. The town’s City Hall is based in this beautiful castle! Which means that there has been a lot of work put in for its conservation and for making it accessible to everyone. As with most of the castles, it has great views of the valley.

Pro tips: Take the opportunity to walk around Andratx and head down to the port in Spring, Summer or Fall to enjoy a seaside terrace or ice cream walking around the promenade.

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Top 5 Castles In Mallorca You Need To Visit | | IG:
Photo by Laura Baudes @thoughtsfromtheisland

Bellver Castle

Location: Palma

A must visit if you are in Palma, even if it is just for a day! However I recommend you take an entire morning to take on the full experience of visiting Bellver Castle. You can drive up to the castle or go with the tourist double decker bus, but why not hike to the top and get some exercise in there while you’re at it! 😉 When you finally reach the entrance, there is a museum with pieces that have been conserved throughout the years. There is also an exhibition showing the evolution of the city of Palma. There are also guided tours in English, so be sure to check that out if you are keen to learn more.

Pro tips: The entrance to the castle is free on Sundays for everyone! Also, the top of the castle has the best views of the city, make sure to take plenty of pics for the gram.

Capdepera Castle

Location: Capdepera

We leave Palma and the west coast of Mallorca to visit Capdepera, located in the far east side of the island. Even though this area is known for its many beach towns and calas, a part of the town will take you back to medieval times. Inside the Capdepera Castle you will be able to take a self guided tour in chronological order to discover all of the interesting stories hidden behind this piece of architectural history. The views from the castle are just stunning too and the walls surrounding it are almost entirely intact.

Pro tips: The best time to visit Capdepera and this castle is during its annual Medieval market during the third weekend in May, with many market and food stalls to enjoy throughout the weekend.

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Santueri Castle

Location: Felanitx

A great point of interest in the southeastern part of Mallorca. After working on the reconstruction of conservation of this castle for several years, it reopened in 2014 to the public. This means you probably will have a lot to learn from the visit! Even though it is the ruins of the castle and is not as conserved as the others mentioned, bear in mind this piece has been around since the Roman times. I would definitely give it a chance and enjoy what it has to offer!

Pro tips: To see the entire premises will take you an hour and entrances costs 4 euros but the money is reinvested in keeping the history of this place alive, so well worth the money! And also, the views (you know I love those views!)

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Top 5 Castles In Mallorca You Need To Visit | | IG:
Top 5 Castles In Mallorca You Need To Visit | | IG:

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