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Just a week ago I was exploring the beautiful town and black sand beaches of Marbella, Spain. Marbella is one of the most famous summer vacation spots in Spain and it’s easy to see why. This town has it all – a beautiful old town colored white and lined with floral bushes, idyllic black sand and calm water beaches, and some of the best accommodation options around!

Karen in Marbella

For my stay in Marbella I checked into Casa La Concha, a charming beach house located in the hills of Marbella. Casa La Concha isn’t your typical beach resort, instead it is a Bed And Breakfast that caters to those that seek to unplug and live a healthy lifestyle. Casa La Concha is beautifully decorated, well located, and offers all the commodities to really have a relaxing vacation.

My room at Casa La Concha really made me feel at home. It had cozy, beach-cottage decor but felt very elevated. I felt like I was staying in an upscale cottage – the best of both worlds. My room was more like a small apartment minus the kitchen. It was incredibly spacious, had a mini fridge and large bathroom, and it also had the most amazing flower-lined patio! I spent most of my mornings and evening in this patio enjoying either a cup of green tea or some of the delicious champagne I was gifted upon arrival.

Being that Casa La Concha is a bed and breakfast, well, I also got some amazing breakfast! Breakfast is served every morning in the patio right by the house kitchen. It consists of a delicious array of baked goods (hello croissants!), fresh fruit, granola, eggs, teas, and juices. The food is satisfying and having breakfast in this patio made me never want to leave. I spent 1-2 hours having breakfast each morning!

Casa La Concha is a very big property with a lush backyard and beautiful pool area. The pool is a great option if you’re looking to relax away from the crowded beaches. They have plenty of lounge chairs for guests to enjoy and you will truly feel at peace here.

Another thing I really liked about Casa La Concha is that they cater towards healthy lifestyles. I spoke with the owner and one of the things she told me is that she wants to shift her focus towards organizing health retreats. She offers luxury yoga retreats, but what’s unique about her approach is that she’s also testing individual retreats. If you book one of these you get a personalized health and relaxation plan for your stay complete with classes and a nutritionist. This is great for people wanting to really reset their habits or simply need to detox from their stressful everyday lives!

I stayed at Casa La Concha unwinding for most of my time in Marbella. Being here really helped me unplug for a bit as well, helping me gather my thoughts and figure out where I want my travels to take me. When I wasn’t at Casa La Concha I was at the beach and also wandered around the beautiful streets of Marbella town. Everything about this town was amazing and I only wish I could have stayed here longer.

Have you been to Marbella? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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