Barcelona is named one of the world’s top digital nomad destinations. It is a top city for expats and creatives. It’s no wonder that there are so many coworking spaces in Barcelona. With so many to choose from it’s hard to make a decision and stick to it, which is why I decided to partner with Croissant in order to explore them all (or as many as I could fit into a work week 😆).

Croissant is my new favorite way to work in Barcelona. Before discovering this monthly subscription-based program I would be hopping around cafes all day everyday. Although I love the cafe environment, working this way is a bit unstable. It’s sort of frowned upon to stay at a coffee shop working for 8 hours (Trust me, I’ve done it and didn’t get pretty looks). With Croissant you can hop around coworking spots in your city so you are not stuck in the same office every day, but can stay as long as you want in the coworking space of your choice. It’s the perfect solution for us digital nomads who cannot seem to stay still; even in our own city. This service is also great if you’re like me and move between cities. Your Croissant membership works in some of the world’s major digital nomad destinations – Barcelona, Los Angeles, London, New York City, Berlin, etc. It’s the perfect tool for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and creatives around the world!

The Coolest Coworking Spaces In Barcelona

Espai Born
Location: El Born

Espai Born is a beautiful coworking space located in the heart of Barcelona’s old city center. El Born is where I lived for part of my time and it’s possibly my favorite neighborhood in Barcelona. This coworking space captures the essence of Born perfectly in its aesthetic with exposed brick walls, modern-rustic decor, and an overall cozy feel. Espai Born has several shared tables to work from, a coffee and tea station, and very strong wifi! The coworking space is located underground so natural light is lacking, but it works in this cozy environment. It’s the perfect spot to work on your laptop while cozing up with a cup of coffee.

 Espai Born Coworking

Felisa Coworking
Location: Gracia

Felisa Cowork is a small but bright coworking space in the beautiful area of Vila de Gracia – one of my other favorite areas in Barcelona. This coworking space was the most sought after out of all the ones I tried, perhaps due to its ideal location in Gracia, away from tourists, or due to its great work environment. I tried this spot with one of my Barcelona digital nomad friends and fellow blogger, Daisy. The space has just 12 open desks, keeping the amount of people limited. This allows digital nomads to really focus on their work. The desks are spacious and comfortable, and each guest gets their own to get organized as they please. I appreciate this as I usually have my laptop, camera, planner, and notebook with me for work and sometimes shared tables can feel cramped with all my stuff out. Felisa Cowork also has a nice kitchen where you have free access to coffee, a range of teas, and fruit. This was my favorite coworking space in Barcelona for productivity.

Felisa coworking barcelona

City Bar
Location: Via Laietana

City Bar is the most unique coworking space in the city simply because it’s actually a bar. City bar belongs to Grand Hotel Central, one of the top hotels in Barcelona. The coworking space is really a restaurant that has been made work-friendly with outlets at each table, strong wifi, and complimentary tea and coffee for Croissant members. This was the most luxurious work experience I had while in Barcelona, being waited on and given top customer service while working from my MacBook in a gorgeous environment. It felt like I was working at a coffee shop in Vienna vs. a coworking space in Barcelona. This is definitely the spot to be if you prefer a more cozy environment over the office feel of most typical coworking spaces.

City Bar coworking Barcelona

Aurea Coworking
Location: Gracia

Aurea Coworking is a simple but really nice coworking space in Gracia. The space is ample, with plenty of seating, a conference room, and kitchen. When you check in with Croissant you have access to free coffee and tea, and a strong wifi connection. When I tried out Aurea Coworking the space was pretty empty, which was nice, as there weren’t many distractions. I had to do a Zoom conference call and was allowed to go into a quieter room to do so. Aurea is the perfect coworking space in Barcelona if you’re looking for a quieter place to focus on work, and are in Gracia.

Auera coworking Barcelona

While in Barcelona I tried a different coworking space for each working day. I split my time mainly between Gracia and El Born – my two favorite neighborhoods in Barcelona. Each coworking space I tried with Croissant was unique. From older buildings with charm, to modern office-like spaces, to luxe bar environments, the coworking spaces available in Barcelona via Croissant offer something for everyone. Each check-in was a breeze, having only to log into the Croissant website and “check-in” at the location of my choice and “check-out” upon leaving. Most places offered free coffee, tea, and water for the stay, and one even had fruit for its guests. I never encountered any problems when saying I was popping in for the day with my Croissant membership, in fact, I was welcomed with open arms each time.

Overall my experience trying out coworking spaces in Barcelona with Croissant was a positive one. I loved the convenience of being able to pop into any coworking spot around the city, the ease of use, and the variety of spaces available for members. Croissant is a great option for digital nomads constantly moving between cities and for creatives and entrepreneurs based in once city that just want a change of space. I will definitely continue to use Croissant throughout my travels, and now that I will be moving between Barcelona and Los Angeles often!

This post is written in paid partnership with Croissant.

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