Ah, Palm Springs – the city of retro-chic and eternal sun.

You already know the best photo spots in Palm Springs, now it’s time to write some captions that will make your followers double-tap with gusto.

Here are 60 Palm Springs Instagram captions to get you inspired:

  1. Good times and tan lines await in PS.
  2. Always sunny in Palm Springs!
  3. You know you’re in Palm Springs when the sun shines bright and the drinks are cold.
  4. This desert oasis is calling my name.
  5. Sippin’ sunsets in Palm Springs
  6. Life is like Palm Springs: hot, but with a cool breeze.
  7. Don’t worry, be happy! (and come to Palm Springs)
  8. Checking out of reality and into my Palm Springs staycation.
  9. Living life one palm tree at a time in PS.
  10. Paradise found in Palm Springs.

Top Palm Springs Tours & Experiences:

  1. Welcome to my little slice of heaven: Palm Springs!
  2. PS – the place to be.
  3. Here’s to poolside hangouts in PS.
  4. Keep calm and escape to Palm Springs!
  5. Don’t mind me, just living my best life in Palm Springs!
  6. Paradise never looked so good (Palm Springs!)
  7. Life is better with a getaway to Palm Springs!
  8. A desert oasis that’s out of this world.
  9. Time to hit the road and head to Palm Springs!
  10. Took a wrong turn and ended up in Palm Springs!
  11. Palm Springs – the land of sun and fun!
  12. Palm Springs has a way of making everything seem so right
  13. This is where I want to be – Palm Springs, here I come!
  14. The best kind of therapy is sitting under a palm tree.
  15. Wishing for more days full of sunshine and palm trees.
  16. The sun is shining brighter with a few more palm trees around.
  17. Feelin’ oh so chic in Palm Springs.
  18. Inhale the sunshine and exhale the palm trees of Palm Springs.
  19. Living for weekends in Palm Springs.
  20. Vacation mode on in Palm Springs!
  21. Let the desert vibes take you away to Palm Springs.
  22. Let the sun shine on this perfect day in PS.
  23. The desert sunsets are the brightest and I’m just happy to be alive.
  24. The cactus, the sun and I just living our best lives.
  25. Forever chasing that Palm Springs sunshine.
  26. The desert is calling, and I must go.
  27. Take me back to where it’s sunny and 75 degrees all year round.
  28. Life is an adventure and I’m ready for whatever comes my way.
  29. Walking off into the sunset like a Palm Springs local.
  30. I found my happy place in Palm Springs.
  31. Don’t worry, Palm Springs will always be here for me.
  32. The best kind of summer days are spent in Palm Springs.
  33. Nothing like the beauty of Palm Springs at sunset.
  34. Let’s escape to Palm Springs for some vitamin D.
  35. Make a splash in the desert: Palm Springs!
  36. Ready for some R&R in PS.
  37. Making sunny memories in Palm Springs!
  38. Let the good times roll in Palm Springs!
  39. Shout out to the sunshine state and my favorite city, Palm Springs!
  40. Soaking up the sun and style in Palm Springs.
  41. Waving hello to my favorite desert oasis, Palm Springs.
  42. Sending love from Palm Springs!
  43. Chasing sunsets in Palm Springs.
  44. Celebrating life with a little rest and relaxation in Palm Springs.
  45. There’s no place like Palm Springs!
  46. From the desert to my heart – here’s to Palm Springs.
  47. Finding joy in the little things, like my Palm Springs getaway.
  48. Life is better when I’m in the desert sun.
  49. All I need is a little PS to make my day complete.
  50. Just another day of having too much fun in sunny PS.

There you have it. Share in the comments below your favorite Palm Springs Instagram captions!


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